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Often businesses are smart enough to understand the power of advertising, and decide to print and distribute flyers.
But somehow the wisdom vanishes when it comes to designing the flyers.
Here, we are sharing some tips & best practices for creating good business flyers.

6 Rules for designing a good business flyer


1. Keep the flyer simple & readable:

It’s not a thesis, and it’s not you diary! Your potential customer will not be very patient to read big paragraphs.
Don’t use extra long sentences, don’t write long paragraphs, and minimize the text to the least amount possible.
Also don’t clutter the flyer with lots of data and images, keep it readable and simple.

2. Use images and graphs:

They say an image is worth a thousand word, for flyers it’s even more. The image has the biggest factor on whether you flyer will be read or tossed in the garbage bin. Use nice images, avoid putting images of you or your company as a background, because when it comes to flyers, in most cases no one cares about you.

3. Don’t forget the essential¬† information:

You would be surprised, if you know how many businesses forget to include their website, email or even telephone number.
If the target people should contact a local representative, make sure to put that too.
Also make sure to enumerate your service/ product advantages when possible.

4. Invest in the flyer design:

It makes no sense to pay for printing ugly flyers, if you are going to pay to print flyers, pay a bit more and get a nice design.
These days, and due to competition, many printers offer “design for FREE”, just say no to these offers, and send your own design.
Some companies offer free basic design for customers, – we even offer free flyer design for anyone – but these offers are basic quality, they rely mostly on already created design & templates and do not reflect the spirit of the company or business.
So pay $20-$200 and get a good or even a premium design that fits your need.
Also, it’s not the time to find the artist within you, design companies are faster and can do a much better job, than you.

5. Don’t forget the call to action:

It was fun reading this flyer, but why should i act now? or ever for that matter?
A business flyer, should bring more business to your company. For that to happen, it should be done in a way that arouses the interest of your target audience.
If you have no idea what to do here, just hire an advertising company to create a marketing strategy, or at least hire them as consultants for you marketing campaign.

6. Keep the target audience in mind:

Obviously if your target are kids you would not have a flyer made in a same way as if the target were adults, if the target are doctors you won’t do a same design as if the target were lawyers …
It’s important to keep in mind the target audience and custom create the flyer with them in mind. That means that you should have an image that the target can identify with, or connect with.

7. Bonus: For enterprise & Corporations:

If the design is for a large scale campaign, make sure you have the right to use the images & avoid cheap designers. Why? because cheap designers most often do not have the right to use images. They use images they find online, and without permission, instead of buying the right for commercial use from photo sale services.  And that could lead to serious problems, when the photo owners enforce their copyright.


Disclosure: We are an advertising company and we offer design services, our services can be found at our graphic design section.





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