So What is Exactly Growth Hacking ?

The term Growth Hacking was introduced in 2010, it is a global term that group all the marketing techniques that might help a startup grow.
Growth hacking, can be described as a buzzword, because the term does not include any specific type of marketing, it simply create a kind of objective, which is growth.
Growth hacking works best with free services or Mobile Apps. Because the objective is growth and not sales, or direct revenue.

growth hacking teacher
Since the word was coined, the self described growth-hackers, started labeling some marketing startegies used in the past as “growth hacking techniques”.
Some examples of the so called “growth hacking techniques” are:
1. Hotmail signing the messages with  “PS I Love You” and a link for others to get the free online mail service.2. Dropbox, offering free storage for referring friends.
3. Messages sent from iPhone, signing with “sent from my iPhone”.
4. Airbnb adding automated Craigslist listing generators with the feature called “Post to Craigslist”.
5. Mobile & Facebook apps that offer digital goods in exchange of inviting friends to play.

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