emmy marketing strategy

Hollywood have a secret marketing strategy, that almost all TV networks and movie studios use to get the awards like “Emmy“, “Oscar“, “Golden Globes” … (all these awards voters are obviously from LA -*Los Angeles is home of Holly Wood )
These awards increase the revenue for these networks and studios by at least 20-30 million dollars. They get the production and the actors tons of free press, and can create careers and blockbusters.

That’s why there’s a tough and secret market strategy that big studios employ it is called …

“the for you consideration campaigns”

What happens is that the studios, try to directly and indirectly influence the voter’s vote.

Indirectly: Case of Netflix:
To win an Emmy award, Netflix paid $50, to the neighbors of the voters, to put Netflix yard signs.
They also had free food trucks all over LA.  They won 3 Emmys that year.

Direct influence : Bribery:
It gets uglier, many studios and networks bribe voters to choose their actor or production to be nominated.
Concerts, trips to Vegas, nominees will even come to voters houses …
It can cost up to $10 million, in advertising and bribing to win an Oscar.

The Golden Globes are the champions of the “for your consideration campaign”,simply because only 87 member of Hollywood foreign press get to vote, thus they get campaigned too personally.
For example Sharon Stone team once sent gold coated watches to these foreign press members, and so she got the nomination.

In an online video Denzel Washington, kindof jokingly talks about how these globes are rigged :



Like Growth Hacking , the for your consideration campaigns, are marketing strategies that operate in a grey area, and can be considered as due what it takes to get results.

This article is not a condemnation of such practices, it’s only a clarification to a marketing branch often covered with secrecy.


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