10 years ago, around January 12th,  a guy in his dorm room -it was actually an off campus apartment , in the suburbs of Paris- decided to launch a video and web advertising company, it was a startup, not even a company, during a couple years there was no real brand name, then 2 years later we re branded to MediaO2.


It was a mistake!

Yes, it was … The new name was supposed to be Media 2.0, in reference to Web 2.0 that was being popularized since 2004-2006 …
The moment the domain was being purchased, somehow my logical brain took over the process, and instead of buying Media20.com or Media2O.com which would have made absolutely no sense, i mistakenly purchased the MediaO2 or Media Oxygen!
The mistake was a branding win, because it made us avoid confusing people with 2.0 stuff, i mean imagine you are telling a client the company name is media 2.0 , he will try to actually put a dot between the 2 and the 0 and some would have ended up with this > www.media2.0.com.


We were multinational since day 1 !!

Founder is from a country, the startup was launched in another country and moved to yet another country after just 2 years!
You can’t beat that!!
Since then we have served more than 600 clients, from more than 30 countries …


To celebrate 10 years or not to celebrate 10 years !!

We have been considering this decision since some time, as technically the re branding happened 8 years ago.
Even-though the marketing and advertising service were launched on the 12/1/2006 the re-branding happened on the 2/5/2008.
We eventually decided to go with the 10th year plan, as you know it’s only semantics … So we decided to start celebrating the 10th year end of February – beginning Mars.


Behold the new logo we’ll display until February next year:


mediao2 10 years


What will this mean for our old clients ?

Our old clients are entitled to 30% discount on our services -not renewals-, thus if you are or have been an old client of ours, you are entitled a 30% discount on all our services -with few exceptions-.

We are also launching a customer excellence program, as mentioned previously, it means we will help your business become successful.

How will we celebrate our 10th Anniversary ?

Free & discount Coupons: We will distribute coupons through a selection of partners.
Contests: We are also launching several contests and offering prizes, through our social media accounts.



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